Getting your Mobile Game up and Running on Your Friends Borrowed Android Phone.

Turning on Samsung Developer Options described but this was a great youtube video by WorldofTech on a

Running into the wall because my borrowed android phone won’t connect to my iOS Mac Monterey Computer.

Disconnect the USB cable from your android device, go to Settings > Developer Options and turn off and on the USB Debugging . Also tap on “Revoke USB Debugging Access”. Now, connect the USB cable. When prompted tap “Yes”.

WordPress Blogging Trials and Errors

Running your own blog site comes with a variety of challenges. There are so many details that have to be tracked and noted and followed up with.

Amazingly Strange currently uses Godaddy to host our this business webpage. Is the Godaddy the best for doing what we are trying to do? Maybe not. But we really want to spend more time make fun video games and artwork.

I am actually going to post many elements that I have to keep track of right here in this blog. This way I can keep track of it and you can hopefully learn from my mistakes. Even better, if you are reading this post you can follow us on twitter and start a dialogue. There we can share ideas that hopefully benefit everyone.

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