Getting your Mobile Game up and Running on Your Friends Borrowed Android Phone.

Turning on Samsung Developer Options described but this was a great youtube video by WorldofTech on a

Running into the wall because my borrowed android phone won’t connect to my iOS Mac Monterey Computer.

Disconnect the USB cable from your android device, go to Settings > Developer Options and turn off and on the USB Debugging . Also tap on “Revoke USB Debugging Access”. Now, connect the USB cable. When prompted tap “Yes”.

The Game Development Journey Begins

I have known I have wanted to make games ever since I was a kid. I love puzzles and when a puzzle can take on a story of mystery and imagination I am one hundred percent enthralled.

After much time and attempts at working on projects with other friends and groups I finally decided to take on the challenge of learning to program in C sharp.

Programming was nothing new to me as I was a web developer in the late 1990’s working with Active Server Pages, Java Scripts, and PHP.

Apple Connect Test Flight Approval

Candy Corn Mobile Game Test Flight Build
Candy Corn Mobile Game Test Flight Build

Today was a super large milestone for Amazingly Strange. Candy Corn Critters our first indie Mobile Video Game has been approved by Apple to be Test Flighted. This build definitely requires a lot of polish however it tells me as a game developer that this initial build has at least passed the initial round of requirements need to eventually be approved for sale in the Apple App Store.

This early working version of the game has only been released to our family members. Still at this stage and with the feedback I have already received our little iOS video game still requires a lot programming development however this build is a huge indie game developer success for our small group of Beta Testers to sink their teeth into.

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