Idiot’s Indie Game Development Cheat Sheet

I have been working diligently with GitHub, Unity 3D, WordPress, Google Site Kit, Apple Developer, App Store connect and as for the past couple days Google’s Google Play Console.

I want to use this blog post to offer quick links to other topics and resource. Hopefully doing so will help bring all the quagmire of techno clutter all together on two just one page… Maybe?

Google Play Console

LootLocker – Privacy Policy – Information on how players/end user’s information is protected.

To get started with the overall topic of Unity Ads start at “Welcome to Unity Ads.

To learn more about intergrating Unity Ads into your game start with using “Unity Mediation.”

Unity: Override Advertising Ads Dependencies.
To help with dependency issues install Play Services Resolver in the Unity Editor, select Assets > Play Services Resolver, and then select the platform.

For Android, if the Enable Auto-Resolution and Enable Resolution On Buildsettings are both set to OFF, you need to manually resolve dependencies. If either setting is ON, dependencies automatically resolve.

Resolve external dependency issues in Unity YouTube video.

You do not have to down load third-party SDK’s such as Google’s AdMob SDK because Do not externally download third-party ad network SDKs because the Unity Mediation package automatically pulls in all necessary network SDKs for you. Doing this could cause build and version incompatibility issues with the Mediation package.