Indie Mobile Thumbnails

Mobile Game Concept Art Thumbnail Sketches
Mobile Game Concept Art Thumbnail Sketches

Many descisions have to be made in order to start a video game, especially if you are new to Object-oriented programming (OOP). However I have far more experience in the realm of artwork.

In this grayscale image, my first step was to have some fun playing with shapes and light and dark values. The goal for this piece of artwork was to establish the a foundation for the rest of the artwork and assets for this simple indie game to build from.

As I was blocking in these shapes, I had already established the candy corn stickers which I was wanting carry over into this project. Candy Corn is a great reminder to days past of Halloween. Along with Halloween comes so many wonderful and magic environments, even though they may be a bit creepy.

Keeping the artwork simple is always important when pulling together and new idea that you are wanting to share with others.

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