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Great storytelling is the heart of all my endeavors. With any story my brain immediately goes to work imagining what is and what could be and where all the possibilities could lead. When delving into storytelling for me, the art is the easy part. It is what I have been doing since I was a kid. The hard part was get what my imagination could see out and on to a, a, a, Mobile Device that everyone in the world could interact with was mind blowing and a challenge I happily wanted to pursue.

Probably, as with any artist one is going to look for the easiest means to accomplish a task as possible. After years of experience I had already given into the fact that for what I wanted to create I was not going to find some magic app or software that simply put everything I dreamt directly into a mobile device. So, my first challenge was to decide which game engine I should choose to develop my game. I had already dabbled with several but the one I truly had the most experience with was Unity 3D. Unity has changed immensely since I first started using it, but in a good way.

By deciding to go with Unity 3D, this decision intuitively helped me decide which programing language I was going to learn as well, C-Shap, since it is native to the Unity Software.

I really enjoy many aspects of programming. Yet, the hardest part of learning the programing language is “learning the language!” A better way of saying it is learning the, “syntax.” Understanding the concepts for loops, arrays, dictionaries, namespaces, etc. is really easy, however knowing the syntax in order to call these concepts is like trying to find the holy grail.

Prior to choosing a language to learn for game development I had to Between all the

Today Unity has several game developer programs and tutorial paths that help introductory developers get started as well as help develop a for seeable path for ones game development dreams.