• Mobile Game Character Cockroach – Roachie
    Analyzing Color Values for Cockroach Character Roachie is the best name I can come up with for this character. This roach is a lady and a very fine one at that. […]
  • Color Profiles for Mobile Games
    Did you know one of the biggest challenges to developing artwork for mobile games color profiles. In adevertising the artist always had to be aware of what color porfiles they would […]
  • Don’t under estimate the power of Emoji Stickers
    Artwork has the power to communicate powerful emotions If you are like me, images or artwork are more impactful than words. Through images even children can understand people’s emotions faster than […]
  • Cute Spider Concept Design
    Watch this TikTok of me enjoying a morning sketch of one of my favorite critters the Spidey. Also witness the development of Nibbles the friendly or not so friendly Venus flytrap […]
  • First Critter Character Design Tightened
    Prior to character designing the critters I had already started games background. Once I decided on the concept for the my mobile game I began researching artwork that inspired me as […]