Import External Files into Xcode

Short Form Importing External Files to Xcode

Project target > build Phase > Compile Source > + > Add Other > select the external folder > Checked Copy item if needed & select create folder reference.

Detailed Description of Importing Files into Xcode

This mobile game development Goal will answer the question in this how to Tutorial…

How do you import external files into Xcode.

I start out by adding the the file want add to the current Xcode project that I am working on.

Yet just adding the files and folders to your “Project Folder” does NOT add them to the actual “Xcode Project.” To do this you must go to the “Build Phase” tab of your actual Project in Xcode. Once you click on this tab you will see a list.

Look down the list to “Compile Sources.” Select the drop down arrow next to “> Compile Sources.”

Next, “Compile Sources” will open up and at the Botton you will see a “+ and -“.

Selecting the “+” will open up a new Window with the phrase “Choose Items to add…”

At the bottom of this window you will see a button that says “Chooses Others”.

When you select this button another window will open allowing you go to the file in the directory you are wishing to add.

Once selected you will then see in within Xcodes left panel “Navigator Panel.”