• Mobile Game Character Cockroach – Roachie

    Mobile Game Character Cockroach – Roachie

    Analyzing Color Values for Cockroach Character Roachie is the best name I can come up with for this character. This roach is a lady and a very fine one at that. In developing the artwork for the Candy Corn Critter Mobile Game I tend to be a stickler in every area. My current issue was […]

  • A Mobile Game Storytelling – An Indie Game Developer Blog

    Great storytelling is the heart of all my endeavors. With any story my brain immediately goes to work imagining what is and what could be and where all the possibilities could lead. When delving into storytelling for me, the art is the easy part. It is what I have been doing since I was a […]

  • Idiot’s Indie Game Development Cheat Sheet

    I have been working diligently with GitHub, Unity 3D, WordPress, Google Site Kit, Apple Developer, App Store connect and as for the past couple days Google’s Google Play Console. I want to use this blog post to offer quick links to other topics and resource. Hopefully doing so will help bring all the quagmire of […]

  • Google Play Dashboard Pandora’s Box Mysteries Solved

    A first glance looking at the Google Play Console Dashboard can appear to be very challenging. And sadly on second and third and forth glances it does get any easier. But hopefully the below video may help.

  • Better understand mobile games data usage

    Processed ephemerally’ is when data is only stored in memory on the active device. Here is a link to Google Play’s short form “bullet point” Data Safety information. If you are looking for the long form specific and “detailed” Data Safety information you can find it here. Google will ask you… “Does your app collect […]

  • Notion’s Online Notes keeps my Thoughts Together

    This is not a paid advertisement for Notion.so, but as and indie game developer I wish it was. Here is Notion’s Privacy Policy. Apparently Notion is updating their Privacy Policy and if you follow this link and they should keep it up to date for you. Ions ago when Evernote became to costly plus there […]

  • Managing Google Play’s Target Audience and Legalities

    Managing Target audience and App content settings in the Google Play feels like an enormously daunting task to accomplish.

  • Google Play Rough Banner

    Google Play Rough Banner

    If you want to see the full size banner click the thumbnail. Or, scroll down and I will have the full size banner posted below. I am learning just how large of a projecting making a simple, simple, SIMPLE GAME is. Of course one would think there is the artwork to consider. Sure, nice polished, […]

  • The Game Development Journey Begins

    I have known I have wanted to make games ever since I was a kid. I love puzzles and when a puzzle can take on a story of mystery and imagination I am one hundred percent enthralled. After much time and attempts at working on projects with other friends and groups I finally decided to […]

  • Candy Corn Critters developed in Unity 3D

    When deciding which software engine to develop in I looked at mainly just two, Unreal Engine and Unity 3D. Through my work at Playful Studio’s I had the privilege of have experience with both. However in the end I had much more experiences with Unity 3D. Lucky’s Tale, a game in which we developed at […]