First Critter Character Design Tightened

Prior to character designing the critters I had already started games background. Once I decided on the concept for the my mobile game I began researching artwork that inspired me as well as what I felt the look of the game should look like. Once I pulled together several pieces of artwork and other inspirations I narrowed down the samples to images that best conveyed my desired concept for the game. Drawing from these inspirations I started with loose sketch. Once I had a good batch of loose sketches I picked one to tighten up.

After tightening up the the sketch I dropped some color on it. Unfortunately once adding color and defining some shapes I wasn’t the happiest with the look of this critter. Once I was done I felt this critter looked a little too mean. My original intent for the critter to design characters that looked very alien, strange, and weird, but as I continued their illustration I felt making these character designs look more like actual bugs or varmint would be more benificial. Still I wanted each critter to be identifiable with the bug or varment it was to represent but in a unique style.