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Why use boring text when you can use Adorable Stickers

Candy Corn iOS iPhone Stickers
Candy Candy Corn iOS iPhone Stickers

Life to short to use boring black and white text messages. Instead, express yourself through cute, colorful and adorable emoji stickers. If you are like me, then sometimes a cute or funny cartoon stickers or emojis tell my story better than long boring drawn out sentences, like this one. As a concept artist I prefer to find the perfect adorable emoji sticker to tell my friends and loved ones how I am feeling.

A sweet kawaii sticker is more fun to receive and easier to understand than a dull text message.

Best yet, the right attractive sticker can brighten your day and add some personality to your text conversions.

Now thanks to technology and easy access App Stores you can down load a cute stickers right to your iPhone. Art can be one of the funnest way to share ones feelings and emotions. No wonder, through the advent of technology, sharing emojis has become an exciting and humorous way to express your feelings and current state of being.

Candy Corn Stickers

Candy Corn Emoji Stickers

These adorable emoji stickers are available for the iPhone in the Apple App Store. Click the button below to add these fun stickers to your collections!

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