Color Profiles for Mobile Games

Did you know one of the biggest challenges to developing artwork for mobile games color profiles. In adevertising the artist always had to be aware of what color porfiles they would be developing the artwork in and where that art work would later be displayed.

With the growing power of Android and Apple devices as well as 4k, HD, OLED, and so on an artist is going to need a better understanding of the color spectrum for print, web, mobile games and console games and televisions. branding and marketing. Below are a few links to help learn more about the how the color spectrum is optimized by each color profile for each device.

Enhance graphics with wide color content for Android Color Profiles

Notion’s Online Notes keeps my Thoughts Together

This is not a paid advertisement for, but as and indie game developer I wish it was. Here is Notion’s Privacy Policy. Apparently Notion is updating their Privacy Policy and if you follow this link and they should keep it up to date for you.

Ions ago when Evernote became to costly plus there was word it may shut down, I came across

I use Notion’s Online Note Keeper everyday all day to keep my to-do lists, notes, tasks, thoughts together.

Google Play Console Rough Banner

Google Play Rough Banner

Google Play Console Rough Banner
Candy Corn Critter Rough Banner for the Google Play Console

If you want to see the full size banner click the thumbnail. Or, scroll down and I will have the full size banner posted below.

I am learning just how large of a projecting making a simple, simple, SIMPLE GAME is. Of course one would think there is the artwork to consider. Sure, nice polished, professional artwork is obvious. Good looking artwork, “should” help sell your game, and I get that. For me, Brian Lindahl, doing the artwork is the fun part. Should I even say the relaxing part. I would even say it is the whole reason I even considered taking on making a game.

How wonderful to get to make your own character. Concept your own characters and then watch them come to life on the screen. Wow, that would be amazing! And I have over 20 years of experience in Advertising, Branding, and Marketing. I have also illustrated comics, kids books, painted portraits, and concept characters for books, toys, video games and their environment, props.

So making a simple, SIMPLE GAME shouldn’t be to hard since I have the aspect and confidence of the ArtWork Covered… Right!?!?

Ugh… Then comes the business side of development side of Game Development.

As I promised here is the Banner that I am working on for the Google Play Console AND there is good news. This Google Play Banner is the exact same size as the banner size need for a Kickstarter… Weeping, weeping, weeping happy tears love pure liquid unadulterated golden streams of joyful bliss.

Google Play Console Rough Banner
Candy Corn Critter Rough Banner for the Google Play Console

Please look at this image. Love it or hate it I would love to hear your feedback on at our Amazingly Strange Twitter stream.

I would let you leave a comment here but I get flooded with spam comments and I don’t have the time or brilliance yet acquired to put that together yet. Weeping, weeping, weeping acidic painful resentful disparaging tears of hope lost!

Best wishes everyone!
Brian Lindahl

WordPress Blogging Trials and Errors

Running your own blog site comes with a variety of challenges. There are so many details that have to be tracked and noted and followed up with.

Amazingly Strange currently uses Godaddy to host our this business webpage. Is the Godaddy the best for doing what we are trying to do? Maybe not. But we really want to spend more time make fun video games and artwork.

I am actually going to post many elements that I have to keep track of right here in this blog. This way I can keep track of it and you can hopefully learn from my mistakes. Even better, if you are reading this post you can follow us on twitter and start a dialogue. There we can share ideas that hopefully benefit everyone.

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