Click Here – For these lovable Candy Corn Stickers at the App Store.

Kawaii Candy Corn Emoji Stickers

If you are like me, images and artwork are more impactful than words. Through images a person can understand people’s emotions faster than long drawn out sentences and lengthy paragraphs. Art can be the funnest way to share ones feelings and emotions. No wonder, with the advent of technology, sharing emojis has become an exciting and humorous way to express your feelings and current state of being.

As a start-up indie game developer we decided it would be a great benefit to become familiar with one of the online App Stores, either Google Play Store or Apple’s store. Since me and my family have iPhones and I use a Mac and illustrate all my work on an iPad, I decide to publish something to Apples App store. So our very first project as an indie game developer was to create a sticker pack for the app store. With meme stickers, emoji stickers and the success of Candy Crush and it’s candy stickers. Focusing on a food sticker seemed like a good idea for Apple’s App Store.

These cute Candy Corn stickers were a milestone for making your own sticker pack for WhatsApp stickers, app store stickers and Google Play stickers. Creating the artwork was the easy part. Getting the stickers published to Apple’s App Store was the hard part. Please, click the button below and check out the these crazy, wacky, funny loving candy corn stickers and add the to your phones sticker collection.

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