The purpose of Candy Corn Critters game is to collect Candy Corns which fall from the top of the screen and travel towards the bottom of the screen at variable speeds on your mobile device.

“The Player” uses his/her touch screen device to move the “Collector” with the aid of his/her thumb/finger/stylus. The Player must move the “Collector” around the device’s screen collecting the falling candy while avoiding various types of “Critters” or obstacles also appearing at the top of your mobile device screen and moving towards the bottom of the screen and eventually off the screen.

Missing a Candy Corn will result in a “Miss” which will result in a deduction from the number of “Lives” counter. Also, Critter which are caught will also result in the deduction from the number of “Lives” counter. At the beginning of each game “The Player” begins with 3 lives unless other reward or add to game play, such as watching ads. If the number of “Lives” reaches zero the “Game Over” screen will appear and you will be offered to play the game again with your score starting over at with 3 Lives, unless rewarded by in game bonus or watching advertisements.

As you collect candy “The Player” will also be able to collect special abilities which enhance or temporarily alter the gameplay for a designated “hidden” time period. This, “Altered State of Game Play,” may lend to temporary advantages in gameplay and scoring or an increase challenge of game play which may result in loss of “Lives” on “The Players,” “Lives” Counter.

Included in the falling elements are “One-Ups”. “One-Ups” are golding starts with the number and word “1up” inscribed on them. These “One-Up” will increase/add to the total number of “Lives” you currently have.

The collection of Candy Corns results in an increasing of score. You highest or best score information will be shared on various leaderboards only upon users consent.

Through the course of game play special challenges, coins and level-ups may also be granted and may appear in various achievement boards only upon users consent.

Through “level-ups” and random drops, the “The Player” will be able to accumulate coins to spend on items in the Candy Corn Critters Store. These items include but are not explicit to changing “Collectors,” “Critters,” “One-Up,” “Bonus,” “Back Ground Music,” “Game Play environments,” “Back grounds.” ect.