Candy Core Critter Video Game Working Prototype
Working Prototype Artwork for Candy Corn Critter Mobile app iOS Video Game

In the mobile game Candy Corn Critters you have to collect Candy Corns which fall from the top of the screen and travel towards the bottom of the screen at variable speeds on your mobile device.

“The Player” uses his/her touch screen device to move the “Collector” with the aid of his/her thumb/finger/stylus. The Player must move the “Collector” around the device’s screen collecting the falling candy while avoiding various types of “Critters” or obstacles also appearing at the top of your mobile device screen and moving towards the bottom of the screen and eventually off the screen.

Missing a Candy Corn will result in a “Miss” which will result in a deduction from the number of “Lives” counter. Also, Critter which are caught will also result in the deduction from the number of “Lives” counter. At the beginning of each game “The Player” begins with 3 lives unless other reward or add to game play, such as watching ads. If the number of “Lives” reaches zero the “Game Over” screen will appear and you will be offered to play the game again.

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