Candy Corn Critter Icon Development

I hope everyone enjoys this TikTok video. The purpose of this TikTok is to ask the public which icon they like the best for the Candy Corn Critters mobile game.

For the development of Candy Corn Critters I needed a variety of several new characters designed as opponents for my game. In the development of Candy Corn Critters I was needing some fun looking little bad guys. As I designed these characters I did not want to make these little Critters look mean, bad, evil, or nasty. These little critters are just as guilty as anyone, we like them love Candy Corn and will stop at nothing to get our hands on some.

When designing the Critters I wanted to use very vibrant colors with diverse amounts of colors coming together in harmony in one character. Also the values and colors must pop of the screen and not blend into an already busy background.

With so much concern in to these characters I began liking all of them the same. As the icon was being developed I used the spider as a place holder for game development however with each critter character I found something else that could contribute to a nice icon.

So I am now calling on the game loving public to help me decide which icon is the strongest. Remember this little icon with have to compete for your attention amongst all the other icons on your iPhone or Android phone.

Please leave your choice on one of the social media platforms:
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn,, Deviant Art, Art Station, Contact.

“So chose wisely…”

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