Atari Video Game Console
Atari Video Game Console in the Box

Atari was the first video game console my family owned. I remember it coming with a small collection of games. The one my brother and I played the most was Combat.

As a human beings, living on this fabulous ball flying through space, we have all heard stories through out our lives. With that advent of radio mankind was able to now listen to stories being broadcast to individual radios in every home. Later through Film and Television we are capable of actually hearing and observing the stories played out before our eyes. Yet again, In the early 80’s for the first time mankind was not only able to hear and see stories but through controllers and a computer device we able to engage in those stories for first time.

With Atari’s Combat I was no longer just watching a program, my little mind was actually inside the small 8-bit graphic traveling across the screen to defeat my evil brother.

Being part of story telling is the greatest part of our journey in life. Now today with the advent of mobile phone technology anyone around the globe can pick up their mobile divies and partake in one of our enjoyably Amazingly Strange Mobile App Video Games.

Please join us on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as we work through the process of launching first mobile game, Candy Corn Critters. While there if you would be so kind as to like, follow, or subscribe and leave a comment on the work we are producing. We would LOVE for you to join us and leave us some feedback as we walk out our mobile game story!

Candy Corn Critters Mobile Game – Coming Soon!

Candy Core Critter Video Game Working Prototype
Working Prototype Artwork for Candy Corn Critter Mobile app iOS Video Game

The Candy Corn Critter Mobile Game has been decades in the making. Not literally yet figuratively every aspect of art, design, programming, web development and social media is being poured into this little project. Every small detail has to be considered, all the way from Android or iPhone’s little home screen icon development down to each cartoon character’s animation.

Doing Candy Corn Critters is just the beginning of several fun simple yet challenging and rewarding games Amazingly Strange plans to produce over the next few years.

The truth be told this colorfully fun video game was do to launch before October 31 2020. The goal was to have a simple and fun game that captured some of the magic of Halloween.

The video games simple mechanic and game play is similar to the muted loved, Kaboom, video game that was played back in the 80’s on the Atari with the rolling game pad.

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