Working through Google’s Data Safety Form for Mobile Games and Apps

As I barely get across the threshold of releasing my first game I discover there are new challenges abroad.

When I began looking to develop my first mobile game, Unity became my choice for game development. Since that time however Unity has changed their advertisement structure 3 times.

Being an Game Artist first and foremost, and a programmer on the side made this a bit of an up hill challenge.

Today, Unity has settled on using Iron Source as their advertising center. So I am in the process of interrupting and implementing the new “Iron Source” system.

Yet as I cross this bridge I am also discovering the new “Data Safety” policies of Google. With each API that is in stalled, the developer must share how that information is used and shared.

Therefore in order to make this information both more accessible to me and the users I am going to list links to the APIs I use. My goal is that you can follow these links and know who is collecting and using any of your data and what it is used for. As well as opportunities to opt out and delete any information that was possibly shared.

Google Play Authentication

Iron Source’s Advertisement Usage

Firebase API Data Safety and Usage Form

Also in using FireBase I am learning new tools, hopefully to improve, our games. Below is a list of FireBase Tools I am actively using and researching.

Firebase App Check
Firebase App Check protects your API resources from abuse by preventing unauthorized clients from accessing your backend resources. It works with both Firebase services, Google Cloud services, and your own APIs to keep your resources safe.